Thinking about working with me or attending a workshop? Here’s what past clients have shared…


Love for the One-on-One Consulting


Taylor Sterling, The Glitter Guide

Working with Intention, Business with Intention

Jess was awesome to work with. Even with just an hour and a half phone call she was able to get to the bottom of my business dilemmas and clearly give me advice and steps to tackle them. She really understood where I want to be and the things I need to do to get there.

It was time and money well spent. I plan to do it again!



Anna Reynal, Anna Reynal Photography

The Purpose Equation, Business with Intention

Working with Jess in a one-on-one workshop was the BEST investment I have ever made in myself and my business.

During our time together, Jess was able to help me identify my purpose (over the phone, having never met in person – that’s an achievement!) and she nailed it. She had no idea that she had helped me put into words a mission that I had been struggling to put into words for half my life (until I told her, through tears, during our last session).

With empathy and validation, Jess gave me an action plan for portfolio building to work on with fabulous analogies for deciphering my brand that made the “homework” fun and actually helped me make decisions about my visual identity.

Even though we are in different industries, Jess has fabulous, doable solutions for dealing with the hurdles of starting and running a creative small business. And through my work with her, I was able to achieve one of my goals for the year – to get published – with work that I feel is truly a reflection of my purpose and my brand.

Here’s the thing: it is a joy to work with a person who gets you and is a force of positivity in your life – a person who encourages you, believes in you, and pushes you to do the things that will make you a better person, artist, and/or business owner. Jess is that person.



Laynie J. 

Growing Forward, Life with Intention

After one session with Jess, I was amazed at how much shifted for my intentions. I was so focused on what was troubling me that I was not able to navigate my life with intention. I was focused on what had lead to my current circumstances and stuck in this space. After speaking to Jess for one hour, she helped me to shift my energy to designing my life with intention. She gave me a detailed course of action which I immediately followed.

After one day, I literally felt an amazing shift in my life and perspective. I can hardly wait to see how my coaching will evolve into sustainable victories for the life with intention that I am creating (with the help of Jess!). I encourage you to explore the possibilities in your own life. Her time is worth every cent in gold! Best to anyone searching for more in their life.



Mackenzie, Design Darling

One-on-One Business with Intention Workshop, Business with Intention

I signed up for a one-on-one workshop nine months after launching my online boutique Design Darling. Jess was flexible in adapting the workshop to work for my existing brand and a great resource for questions about inventory management and order fulfillment as I approached my first holiday sales season.

In addition to introducing me to Freshbooks and sharing her wealth of experiences in retail, Jess was genuinely enthusiastic about everything I was working on. I left each call feeling totally invigorated and strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to take their brand to the next level.



Kimberly Costas, Honizuckle Press

The Effective Business Workshop

While preparing for the arrival of baby #2, it became very important to work out a plan to continue to grow my business while having the time to care for my family.

I read all the stellar reviews Jess got and wondered how someone could offer such amazing help just through conversations so I decided to try it out.

I can happily say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business and my family. Jess has electrifying energy and is fantastic to work with. She can hone in on what you need right away and offer great advice that’s right on target.

I’m so happy with how I felt after talking to Jess, I will be making chats with Jess a part of my business plan!



Jen B, Lemon Drop Love

One-on-One Business with Intention Workshop, Business with Intention

I had an amazing experience working with Jess on our one-on-one business workshop. The progress we made every week on our calls was amazing. I was able to re-brand my business and come up with new product ideas that I feel really showcase my talents.

Jess has a wonderful energy about her that truly helped bring my confidence back. I walked away with the tools that I needed to move forward and grow my business with intention. Jess is my new trusted resource; she’s talented in what she does and I look forward to working with her again in the future.



Amber, Pitbulls and Posies

The Effective Business Workshop

Working with Jess is just beyond – beyond awesome, beyond exciting, beyond truthful + real, and beyond transformative.

She has an innate ability to get the to the root of both what inspires you and what’s holding you back, and is able to guide you down paths to reconcile those 2 forces. I’m fired up for the changes in my business and life and I’m grateful for Jess’s awesome guidance and spirited coaching.



Tammy Walker, Tammy Walker Wellbeing

Off the Cuff, Business with Intention

If you’re feeling unsure, overwhelmed or lacking direction with some area of your small business, contact Jess!  In one call, she helped me gain the clarity I needed around a handful of questions and concerns I had related to launching a blog for my business.

She had thoughtful suggestions and sound advice based on real-world experience, and I left feeling so much more confident about my next steps (which, by the way, she compiles and emails to you so you basically have a handy checklist to keep moving in the right direction!).

I can already see how my call with her saved me some valuable time and effort.  Plus, she’s enthusiastic, professional and totally easy to talk to.  I will definitely work with her again!



D., Beautifully Fit Life

Off the Cuff, Business with Intention

It was an absolute blessing speaking with Jess the other night.  I can’t even explain how grateful I am for what happened on our call.  A single call!  I really didn’t know what to expect, at best I figured she’d be good, but she was above and beyond outstanding, and then some.

I was speechless a lot of the time because I normally have to explain and explain BFL but Jess got it right from the beginning I could tell that she got it.  Me, the brand, the story (I didn’t even know there was really a story) and then Jess translated it to me in Business language.  She really put things into perspective and gave me sooooooo much to consider.  Consulting with her has truly been the best move I’ve made toward getting BFL started.

I have a better sense of it all, and I could see the picture clearer.  All I could think was… Finally!!!!!!!!!!!



Applause for the Workshops



Elizabeth Crane Swartz, Seagrass Studio 

Business and Life with Intention Workshops

I came to both intention workshops seeking ideas, how to’s and help both with my business and my life. Jess has a remarkable talent for helping you re-discover all that is good and unique about you and your business and within minutes I knew I’d come to the right person. It was so refreshing to have someone just get me. Do you know how good that feels?

Jess was able to help me sort through the crap to believe in my talents, admit what work needs to be delegated and identify where to spend my time and energy. No more wondering, researching, modifying someone else’s game plan.

Because Jess limits the workshops to a small and intimate group we were able to work collaboratively and problem solve as a group. Honestly, the wealth of experience and compassion Jess brings to her blog is even better in person and amplified by each participant in the workshops.

Thanks to Jess, I have the focus, purpose and direction I’ve been craving and it’s all perfectly specific to me, my life and my business.

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Jackie M, Believe Notes

Business and Life with Intention Workshops

The Business and Life With Intention Workshops helped me in ways I never truly dared to imagine were possible.

Having such an intimate group made it feel as if we were all there with the sole purpose of helping one another look at our own businesses through new eyes with clearer purpose and intention. Jess was a vital part of the group – leading our discussions, offering insights, and strategically helping us to move beyond our own preconceived limitations.

I left the workshop feeling inspired and motivated and made several immediate steps to move my business in the direction I wanted it to go. With my new purpose and intention, I was able to accomplish more for my business in the one day after the workshop than I had accomplished for my business in 2 years!

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Sage Grayson, Sage Grayson Coaching

Business with Intention Workshop

When I saw the gorgeously designed workbooks on her website, they represented how I envision my business. I want to be the kind of self-assured, passionate entrepreneur who writes her fabulous ideas in a notebook like that.

I’ve made some pretty big mistakes with my business, and I’ve followed bad advice that put me in debt and made me hate the work I used to enjoy. During the workshop, Jess explained that those mistakes happened for a reason and I can learn from them and be of better service to my clients and myself. I was touched by her empathy, and I feel like I can forgive myself now.

The best part of the day (and there were a lot of good parts including the content, food, and ambiance) was the one-on-one attention I received. I’ve been to other business events where everyone gets the same broad information. Jess took the time to really understand my concerns with her unique way of seeing what truly motivates her clients (it’s kinda freaky!).

And my learning didn’t stop after the workshop. We were given exercises to deep dive into our businesses’ purposes and intentions. The workbook modules have me taking my big-picture ideas and breaking them down into actionable baby steps for today and the weeks and months to follow. You can’t find this stuff anywhere else, and believe me, I’ve looked.

The notebook alone is worth the cost of registration. (Oh, and it’s super cute too.) Thanks for everything, Jess!



Jenny W.

Life with Intention Workshop

I had such a great experience working with Jess and the other wonderful women! Not knowing what to expect, I decided to throw myself head first into the experience.

Being honest with yourself can be a scary and somewhat difficult thing– but I felt nothing but supported and encouraged to speak my deepest truth and I’m all the better because of it. I feel confident moving forward to the next stages in life after developing a personal, realistic approach to my priorities. In fact, I am inspired to push even further!

The Life with Intention workshop was exactly the jumpstart I needed in life, and I cannot thank Jess enough for her compassion and advice.



Ashley Howard Goltz, The Design Stylist

Business with Intention Workshop

As a small marketing and design studio, I love creating unique brands for my clients.  Focusing so much energy on my clients made me realize I had lost some of the passion I once had for own company.  I knew I needed the help of a like-minded visionary who understood the business aspect as well as the creative.

The workshop changed my entire perspective.

Jess helped me to figure out why I wasn’t in love with my business anymore, and gave me a new voice for myself and the future of my business. Her insight and ability to help me find a niche position in a crowded market of talented and creative designers and marketing professionals is priceless. The small group dynamic and intuition from the other workshop participants was invigorating and I cannot wait to turn the action plan developed in the workshop into my own reality.



Sheerley Z.

Life with Intention Workshop

Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU. The workshop was exactly what I needed. It was like a massive exfoliation all on its own. Being away from my own life, and being surrounded by you and the wonderful participants and just hearing what my life sounded like to people who weren’t a part of it was really liberating. Being in that beautiful and welcoming environment, I could easily see what needed to be exfoliated from my life (thought patterns, feelings, stuff, etc.). It even gave me the opportunity to forget to have negative or typical thought patterns that I might otherwise have had about the topics we discussed!

I feel like I have found the tools I need to move forward in my life, that you showed me I had all along. I honestly couldn’t have seen that without you. The workshop was billed as a retreat, and that’s exactly how it felt. A chance to step outside “normal” life and look at it objectively. You’ve created something really special here, and I can’t wait to see where this takes you!



Patrick M.

Life with Intention Workshop 

Walking into the with-intention workshop, I was warmly welcomed to “the land of femme.” And it’s true; the work space was beautifully decorated with a woman in mind.

But, gents, with-intention workshops are universal in content. Man or woman, this is your life. The workshop helped me create new work patterns, build new relationships, break routines, and build a vision for myself, my work, and my life. I left with the tools and feedback that will help put intentions into my everyday. In the workshop I created an action plan that allows for growth and a range of success. The network created ensures that the support remains even after our workshop was concluded.

So work with Jess, learn from a meaningful discussion, enjoy great food, and, best of all, leave with personalized intentions, an action plan, and a network of continuing feedback and support. In other words, girlfriends get your guyfriends and tell them about



Sunray P.

Life with Intention Workshop

I came to the workshop looking for tools and directions for my life and those are exactly what I got.

Of course, a day away to focus on ME and my visions also was a treat.

Within the first half and hour, I knew I’d come to the right place. The workshop felt like an emotional retreat for me. Jess created such a welcoming, loving and excepting environment that it was easy for me to open up and be heard. I was able to voice my concerns and together, we worked out solutions that felt right to me. It was all in all a fantastic day!



Ashlee Thurlow, Ashlee Thurlow

Business with Intention Workshop

The Business With Intention workshop gave me such clarity about my business and the ‘why’ behind it.  Instead of being overwhelmed like I have been the last few months, I now feel like I have a clear list of ideas and tasks to grow my business and run it, instead of having it run my life. THAT is an awesome feeling!



Allison Whittemore, Halcyon Style

Boston Workshop Assistant

When Jess posted a few weeks back about needing an assistant for the Boston workshops I jumped at the opportunity and amazingly was selected! I was prepared for the role of assistant to entail a lot of setting up, mealtime preparation, clean up and general behind the scenes tasks.

Her amazing assistant, Jen, and I corresponded initially about venue locales, Boston foodies and other general questions about the area.  Then, a few days before the workshops Jen emailed asking about whether I’d be willing to pick up flowers Saturday morning to create our own arrangements.  I also took a chance and threw some leftover paper table runner in Jess’ favorite white and gold into my bag.

Arriving Saturday morning and seeing my armful of supplies, I was humbled and honored that Jess deferred most of the workspace styling to my judgment. I was also amazed and blessed to be invited to participate in a majority of group discussions, so long as I kept up with the behind the scenes duties I mentioned above. And really, could anything be better than meeting and spending the weekend learning from the genuine, intuitive and charming Jess Lively?

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Sophie S, Just Live Into It

Boston Workshop Foodie

I had the opportunity to be the Foodie for the Boston With Intention workshops – and what an opportunity it was! I’m an home cook but Jess took a chance on me and I’d been given a platform to turn my hobby into something more.

Over the next two weeks I emailed back and forth with Jen nailing down all the details. I was given complete creative control over the menu, and it was nice to feel like Jen and Jess had such confidence in me. When I arrived Saturday morning and met Jess, I was blown away by her energy (and she hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet!)

Jess is truly a pleasure to work with – her positivity is contagious. You can’t help but feel inspired when you’re around her. Throughout the weekend, it was so great getting to see Jess in action. She was professional and encouraging, and challenged everyone there – whether they were a workshop participant or not – to think outside of the box. I left the workshop on Sunday night with a renewed sense of confidence in my cooking skills, new friends, and a list of intentions for my future. I am so grateful that Jess gave me such an incredible opportunity!

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